Horacio Cachinho

Engineer Student ● Software Developper

Horacio Cachinho

Engineer Student ● Software Developper

My professionnal project, become an engineer on software developpement

email: horacio.cachinho@gmail.com



Engineering Degree

Polytech Tours • [2013 - Today]

Computer Science and Informatics

Technical University Diploma

IUT de Blois • [2011 - 2013]

Communication Networks and Services

Scientific Baccalaureate

Lycée Ph. Dessaignes - Blois • [2008 - 2011]

High School


UNIX mini-shell

Polytech Tours • [2015]

Create using C language a mini-shell capable of parse and execute complex unix commands.

Matrix and graph's management libraries

Polytech Tours • [2015]

Two libraries developped in C++ to create and manage matrix and graphs.


Personnal Project • [2015]

A software developped in C# and XAML to help GTA IV modders to modify complex files. This software is capable of handle several key files.

Multi-Core programming using C# and AForge.Net

Polytech Tours • [2014]

Implementation of a multi-core calculation system based on "template-matching" to calculate a given image's FFT.

Detection and correction of GPS trace's errors

Polytech Tours • [2014]

During this project, we aim to create and implement in C language an algorithm which would detect and correct "balls" on GPS tracks. These GPS traces were generated by an experiement conducted by the Planning Department of Polytech Tours. However, these traces contained errors such as route deviations and balls of points, that should be corrected to allow customers to have a cleaner file to work with.


Personnal Project • [2014]

A software developped in C# and XAML aiming to help chemistry students to manage "chemistry reaction tabs" and proposing a chemistry elements database and a periodic table.


IUT Blois • [2013]

A GPS software developped for android tablets using ActionScript 3 and MXML programming languages. The application fits 10.1 inches devices and is capable of show the actual position of the user on map, calculate routes and send them by email for print proposes.

Real Inside View [RIV]

Personnal Project • [2013]

A script developped in C# for GTA IV, to allow vehicles to have movable speed and rev needles. This feature was later used on the new GTA V.

  Work Experience

Polytech Tours

Tutor on Algorithmic and C Programming Language

October - January • [2015-2016]

E.Leclerc Blois

Seasonal worker

August • [2015]

Crédit Agricole - Mer

Seasonal worker - IT Department (SVP)

July • [2014]

Crédit Agricole - Mer

Seasonal worker - Corporate Action Service (OST)

July • [2013]

Dripmoon - Tours

End-of-year internship as 3D Artist

April - June • [2013]

Intermarché de Chailles

Part-Time permanent contract [weekends]

October - April • [2010 - 2013]



  • 70% Complete
  • 55% Complete
  • 65% Complete
    Java - FXML65%
  • 80% Complete
    C# - XAML80%
  • 70% Complete
  • 60% Complete
  • 65% Complete
  • 75% Complete


  • 80% Complete
  • 70% Complete
  • 65% Complete


  • 80% Complete
  • 70% Complete
    Lightning - Vray70%
  • 65% Complete
    Rendering - Vray65%


  • 100% Complete
    Portuguese | Native100%
  • 100% Complete
    French | Fluent100%
  • 93% Complete
    English | Advanced [930 Toeic]93%